Founded in 2017 by serial tech CEO Alex Stephany, Beam is a social enterprise that crowd funds job training for homeless people and supports them into stable work. Working in partnership with registered charities and local authorities in London, Beam is helping hundreds of homeless people to gain work in sectors facing critical skills shortages.

Beam has amassed a giving base of more than 5,000 supporters, who between them have donated over £800,000. 100% of all donations go directly towards the end campaign, with each cost tracked and visible to the public. This radically transparent model allows supporters to see exactly how their money is being used to change lives. At the same time, Beam’s peer-to-peer platform allows supporters to send messages of encouragement to beneficiaries, who share updates on their progress.

Emergency Coronavirus Fund

We’re currently supporting homeless people during the Coronavirus pandemic through our Emergency Coronavirus Fund. The fund provides emergency care packages for homeless families who are struggling to get the basics - from food and toiletries to children’s toys and electronic tablets for learning. Members of the public can either give to the overall fund, or choose a specific individual to support. Beam then distributes the care packages to those in need, meanwhile keeping supporters updated on the impact of their donation.

Supporting homeless people into stable work

Beam is currently supporting homeless people into jobs facing critical skills shortages, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Roles that Beam is supporting homeless people into include warehouse operatives, healthcare assistants, carers, NHS facilities assistants and cleaners, to name a few.

The way it works is that Beam is partnered with more than 35 different homeless charities and local authorities, who refer homeless people to us. We will then conduct a safety and risk assessment plan with them, to check they are willing and able to start work. We will then work with them to identify their career goals and ambitions, as well as running a personal budgeting session to work out the financial barriers that are preventing them from starting work. We will then launch a campaign for them at, and members of the public can fund items such as their job training, childcare costs, travel and work attire. Once they've raised the funding, we will then support them through any training (where needed) and into work.

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