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Out now: Roundups for iOS and Android

2nd March 2021, London, UK - The Roundups app is now live for iOS and Android. Download it on iOS from the App Store here or on Android from the Google Play Store here.

Giving feels good, right?

When we volunteer for a charity, help out a mate or even give a great gift - there’s nothing quite like it. 

But when we donate money to charity, we often don’t realise the incredible difference we’re making to people, places, animals or our planet. Sometimes it can feel like throwing money into an abyss. 

This is nobody’s fault. Charities do amazing work and they’re complicated organisations. They demonstrate their impact with email updates, newsletters, impact reports and more. 

Unfortunately, most of us can’t or don’t put the time in to read this stuff.

Again, this is nobody’s fault. We’re all constantly hit with a barrage of information and content. The average person checks their phone 58 times a day and spends 3 hours 23 minutes on there. 

The competition for our attention is massive and this makes it difficult for important causes to cut through. 

We think this is a real shame. Not just for the fundraisers but for donors like you. We don’t want you missing out on that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from giving and seeing the difference you make. 

On the Roundups app you can easily follow the difference that your penny donations make as you go. We’re talking personalised, bitesize and tangible impact updates - inside your Impact Feed™. And you only need a quick glance to absorb the information (just one of your 58 daily phone checks!) Here's an example: 

iPhone showing an impact update push notification on Roundups

Releasing the iOS and Android Roundups app is an important milestone in our company’s mission to put altruism everywhere. We hope that you’ll continue to support us and Blue Cross by grabbing the app today: download it on iOS from the App Store here or on Android from the Google Play Store here.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you for all of your support.

Sean & Matt
Co-Founders of Roundups

Article updated on: 27th April, 2020

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